Our Story

Electric skateboard lovers from France and thrill seekers for several years, we want the whole riding community to be able to customize their own boards.

Our story is simple. After several years of riding all types of electric skateboards and after several thousand kilometers with our boardswe had to change our grip tape regularly. Each timewe had to buy the exact same grip tape without having the possibility to have different patterns and designs. We had the same grip on our boardsmaking our skate identical to all the others. So we said to ourselves: "Why don't we create a brand that can offer a customization option for all the riders that are in the same situation as us?"

And then we came up with the idea to create YOC Grip. The first custom grip tape brand to fit the majority of engines on the market. We're not reinventing anything, but we're making customization accessible so that everyone can have a grip tape to his image. We offer grips with patterns that our team has already designed or a simple plain grip on which you can add your touch to make it unique. All our grips fit perfectly to the contour of your decks, our laser cutter guarantees a perfect cut from all angles.

All our grips have been tested for several months in all possible circumstances, cold weatherrain, and high temperatures guaranteeing you a quality of grip that lasts in time.

YOC Grip stands for "Your Own Customized Grip", everything is said in the name. The brand belongs to its community because it is YOUR designs that will give the identity of our brand.

We're more than happy to see riders customizing their boards with our grips, so what are you waiting for? Go ahead and customize your grip now!