How to Customize your grip ?

In this quick overview, you will see how to make your custom grip in no time. We recommend to customize your grip on a computer. However you can do it on your phone too. 

Select the design and thickness of your choice.

Write your text, and select the font. It will automatically be displayed on the product image. You can rotate the text and resize it.

Add a design or logo. It's not a requirement. You will be able to import it from your desktop folders.

If your image has a background you can remove it for free on

Remember we lasercut the logo/design, means no colors are supported.

Resize the imported design and rotate it so it fits the grip shape.

You can choose to add a second text and/or design as an option.

The price will automatically updates with the custom options selected. Once you've clicked on Add to Cart, your design will be automatically saved but you won't be able to modify it afterwards. You can continue your shopping and complete your order later.

If you have any troubles or questions for customizing your grip, please contact us on our support.