Shipping Updates

Dear rider,

We had found a solution to drastically reduce shipping costs by shipping the grips cut in half. The parcels were smaller and allowed us to use a carrier with very competitive prices.

Due to repeated problems with lost/non-delivered parcels, we were obliged to change carriers so that your orders could be delivered more quickly and correctly. However, this change of carrier has resulted in a price increase for grips cut in half. The price of one-piece grip remains unchanged.

The new price for CUT IN HALF GRIP is fixed for ONE or TWO grips, so you can group an order with your friends to reduce shipping costs.

Our priority is to provide you with the best possible shopping experience, and waiting 2 or even 3 weeks without a return from the carrier was no longer an option. That's why we've taken this decision, to ensure that your order is delivered quickly and correctly.

Worldwide delivery in 7 working days with UPS.

We are currently working on solutions to further reduce these costs.

Thank you for your understanding and have some nice rides!